pole up/ down

02/05/2010 23:08:16
John 2434
Is this exclusively a crew job? Where are they normally cleated? Cant seem to find any helpful photos.

03/05/2010 18:34:17
Ours (standard Winder??) comes to a clam cleat at the bottom of the starboard side of the mast. So the crew adjusts, but not very often!

See here: http://www.merlinrocket.co.uk/gallery/view_photo.asp?folder=gallery/rigging_guide/3594&file=3594_mast_step.jpg

03/05/2010 20:12:22
clickable link

04/05/2010 15:39:49
sounds like a job for the Rutland Training!

next year same time of year

04/05/2010 16:34:53
Andrew M
Usually comes to a cleat at the bottom of the mast somewhere, or on the kingpost.  Yes it is a crew's job, hoist kite, sort out height of pole till the kite breaks in the middle of the luff as you sheet out on a broad reach, leave well alone unless wind drops away to nothing.  There are some boats that still have a bit of elastic somewhere in the system - get rid of it unless it is just a soakaway.

04/05/2010 18:42:04
John 2434
Thank you. And there is no down haul as such, they guy does that? I generally sail bigger boats where it is a must because you cant get enough downwards pull on the pole with the guy alone, which turns at the deck about 25 feet aft. Have I finally identified a piece of string I dont need!!!

04/05/2010 19:30:33

04/05/2010 19:36:03
There definitely should be a downhaul - this normally runs through the end of the pole to a ring through which the spinnaker sheet passes.  Downhaul then goes to just in front of the mast then thro deck to a cascade and then back to either centre of centreboard or is split to go each side.

You can't do without it!

05/05/2010 11:01:25
Lots of photos in the gallery of snodgers. Have a look here:



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