Hi all, ive bought a second hand full set of PB sails, and need to check that the black bands on mast and boom aren't different. The set where made in 2005 and are kevlar. Cheers

29/04/2010 21:09:35
Black band readings

29/04/2010 22:28:23
What matters is what is on your certificate if your sails do not fit within those measurements then you need a partial remeasurement to bring your new/old sails into legallity, suggest you consult one of the measurers in the year book, bound to be one in your area you should not need a full measurer, good luck.

30/04/2010 07:06:33
Chris M
standard measurement is a 5720 luff and a 2503ish foot. There are variations, but this is almost certainly what you're P&B will be

30/04/2010 08:22:43
As a restricted development class does the MR have a standard set of measurements? A universally adopted set (from current experience with current boats) maybe demonstrating a risk averse time maybe?

30/04/2010 17:40:25
Chris M
or perhaps that there is a definate sweet point regarding rig height and sail area?

04/05/2010 15:43:28
quite a wide variety of sali sizes still around.

including a high mast 36xx series boat.

spinnaker development going on for sure.


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