Vintage MR 2095 requires a new home.

22/04/2010 13:35:06
Leonard young
I have a vintage Merlin that I would like to give away to someone who would make use of her.

Number 2095 Rob Hoare built. Shown as Jim's Joy in my old MR members book. The hull and decks are sound, original and slightly newer masts. Sails. Boat & Road trailer available too.

Kind regards
Leonard Young


22/04/2010 20:12:12
Chris M
2095 is down as a Wotnot design built by John Freeman. Are you sure that's the correct number?

22/04/2010 21:54:41
2065 I think he means. Proctor 9B Jimsjoy

23/04/2010 09:22:10
Barry D
2095 was Wotfree, built by John Freeman in Newhaven in 1967/68. Came 2nd at Falmouth Nationals in 68 with Al Warren and yours truly.

23/04/2010 10:25:39
The boat on offer, although I suspect now taekn, is definitely 2065 IXb built by Bob Hoare named Jims Joy but since renamed Merlino Razzo.

23/04/2010 10:57:34
I've tried the phone number but it comes up unrecognised. I'm intrested as I have MR2125 a mike jackson satifaction I'm restoring but would like to get on the water this year got the bug again after a long time no sail

23/04/2010 11:13:37
07711 181856

23/04/2010 11:36:34
thank you

23/04/2010 11:39:20
Except that it is not a Mike Jackson Design it is a Martin Jones Expectant if your sail no is correct, effort the year book confirms this, the Jackson design of similar vintage was a Supersticion not a Satisfaction that was a later Phil Morrison design.

23/04/2010 11:50:04
Sorry boat number is 2127

23/04/2010 12:57:47

sent you a mail at 8am this morning - no response - am I too late?


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