Measurement certificate

15/04/2010 13:48:16
When I bough my boat (2434) I never got a measurment certificate with it. The only mark identifying its sail number (apart from the sails it came with), was some shallow drilled holes on the keel (inside), just aft of the centerboard case.  I then rebuilt the boat, and the new centerboard case now comes further aft, hiding the drilled holes identifying sail number. 

If I want to get a new measurment certificate will I be able to keep the old sail number?

15/04/2010 13:58:57
Hi John.

Yes you can keep the same number it is the Identity of the boat and I would strongly advise that you re-carve the sail number on to the boat either on the hog or in the middle of the thwart. This is how boats go missing as only you can now say what the number is. If you write to the RYA Technical Dept. and tell them the boats sail number and name as well as your name, address and home club they will issue you with a new cirtificate. You might want to include how you came to own the boat too as this is essential a V5 for boats.

RYA Technical Dept
RYA House
Ensign Way
SO31 4YA

There is also a £20 charge so send a cheque too.

I hope that is of help.


15/04/2010 19:05:00
rob 3708
But only if the sail no was the same as the hull in the 1st place, the sails might have come off an different merlin

17/04/2010 12:45:51
The number drilled into the hog is the only one that matters


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