Drugs scandal at salcombe!!!

13/04/2010 22:17:09
After an electrifing performance at salcombe,Mr richard dee was stopped on his way home by the sports council and was found to be in posession of 3 empty packets of tescos ibuprofen, 2 salbutomol puffers,a bottle of gaviscon and a packet of steradent tablets,these were of course confiscated and if found that the concoction is performance enhancing we will have no alternative but to remove all his results from the silver tiller.... we will keep the membership informed of the results....

13/04/2010 23:54:03
That's very reassuring.  Having sailed round the last couple of champs in close and very competitive company with Dickie, I have been most concerned at his impressive turn of speed this year.  I know that Chris Gould is an excellent crew, but surely not that excellent so it must be the drugs.  Dickie - what are you drinking? Or, perish the thought, have you been practicing?  Anyway, whatever it is, very well done.

14/04/2010 08:42:42
Can't be performance enhancing. We mainline all of those, front and back, in GG and it hasn't helped us yet. Will ask Steve if we can carry out comparative tests at Rutland.

14/04/2010 17:18:33
Paul Hollis
Phil scott was seen trying to remove Dickies face mask on saturday night to see if it was Roger Gilbert underneath. Well have you ever seen them in the same room together?

14/04/2010 18:25:49
will he have to supply a sample for testing?

18/04/2010 20:29:13
Casual examination of the beard at banbury revealed only white hairs, no obvious powder contamination. However the accused was seen entering the toilet cubicle while urinals were free, and emerging sooner than would be expected for natural causes. In the subsequant start he was BFD, so maybe too much this time??

19/04/2010 18:53:26
Didn't we all have the pre-race shot of Calpol bringing it back to a level playing field? I tipped mine down the centre board case to reduce the drag..... see Fran's video for the effect it had! It's like a Nitrox boost!!! 



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