Super Spar

13/04/2010 12:30:47
.....has anybody received a Super Spar delivery on time?

13/04/2010 12:38:17
Still waiting!

13/04/2010 13:22:48
Rod 3704
I went and saw them personaly at the Fareham works and got excellent helpful and prompt service, couldnt fault them

13/04/2010 14:05:01
My experience has been of excellent service - sorry to dissapoint dv!

13/04/2010 14:19:28
masts ordered Jan and Feb still no sign -  so maybe its a one off ...

13/04/2010 14:22:19
Perhaps they are waiting for advance payment...?

13/04/2010 14:24:52
not amused

13/04/2010 17:04:36
Possibly supply chain problems. It is boat fit out season and most people in the industry have run their stock down because of the recession, they are now trying to catch up.

13/04/2010 17:26:30
ok so dont give a 6 week estimate then compound it with 4 weeks of misinformation - not happy :(

13/04/2010 18:38:36
Without wishing to appear heartless, you're not likely to resolve anything by complaining to the forum - if you need a SS mast, there aint many places to get one from - I'm sure if they could, they would like to sell as many as they can, so its not like they're hoarding them!

13/04/2010 21:35:30
David Vines
That's the attitude that fosters bad service.

14/04/2010 10:07:50
Not commenting specifically on Super Spars but would you run a business the way most boatyards and chandlers are run? 
There's just not enough margin in it for any one to run proper stock levels. The interweb doesn't help that either. No substitute for a chat, touching and feeling. Not sure what the answer is.

14/04/2010 10:24:43
I found them to be fine regarding the supply of a mast. Think you should be realistic (if expecting short delivery time) and possibly give notification and then remind them nearer the date. Not knowing your situation, cannot really comment more on the matter other than if on the circuit, most, or should I say some teams own a share in a spare, just in case of the feared breakage. Jacko the main supplier does not carry stock and not sure what the current delivery window is but they are expensive kit to hold in stock.

14/04/2010 11:09:00
crossed purposes - im not talking about stock or lack of it etc. I dont mind if it takes 3 months from ordering if im told that at the outset.  What I dont like is being told 6 weeks then endlessly strung on. If it is caused by an unusual blip (hence the initial question) then fine im just unlucky but if this is a regular occurrence then people should know/be told before they order.  So am i just unlucky or do others routinely experience problems?

14/04/2010 11:44:02
You unlucky in most things , so that's my guess.......


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