Buoyancy tank hole

12/04/2010 22:18:54
Ive noticed ive been collecting amounts of water in the front tank on my winder machine, albeit small amouts, its not really fast! Having had my head up the front, i have discoverd a small puncture in the top, carbon service of the tank. It looks like something may have fallen through the chute - the hook on the ratchet strap maybe. Its only a small hole maybe 5mm across.

What the best way for me to repair this - im not really a carbon expert!

13/04/2010 08:55:30

Unless you want your repair to be aesthetically perfect, you should be able to fill it with a drop of epoxy bulked up with balloons (brown) or fibres (white). If, as you say, it is only 5mm (and I have an image in my mind of a small 'ding' with the damaged carbon fibre still in place but the epoxy cracked/crushed)there shouldn't be any need to replace the laminate.

If you want to make it 'back-to-black', you can use the black pigment from Blue Gee or, as I have heard tell, a drop or two of acrylic paint, although I'm not sure whether the latter would adversely affect the properties of the epoxy.

13/04/2010 19:55:28
Andy Hay - Champs Chappie
SP does graphite powder, use in place of microballoons for a thicker mix and black too.

13/04/2010 20:13:00
Great thanks,

I guess i want sure how to stop the expoy running off down the hole before it goes off. Should adding the fibres/baloons be enough to prevent this?

13/04/2010 20:23:53
You can mix it to any consistency you like. If you mix in enough of the chosen filler agent to give you the consistency of butter you should be fine.

13/04/2010 20:24:08
Andy Hay - Champs Chappie
Celuloidal Silica - if I have spelt it right - into the mix. You have to add a fair bit, but it will make epoxy stick to vertical or even upside down surfaces. Watch it if you use West Systems 207 as any thickening agent turns the hardener yellow. Not a problem here methinks!

13/04/2010 20:27:05
Colloidal silica - excellent thickening agent!


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