3-1 or 4-1?

08/04/2010 15:11:09
Just getting ideas from people... do you use a 3-1 or a 4-1 purchase on the mainsheet?

My Winder currently has a 3-1 plus ratchet block. This seemed ideal when we were sailing inland: big changes of main angle are possible, and the winds are light enough to not need lots of strength.
But now we are sailing on salty moving water, I was wondering whether to change to a 4-1: less strength needed, but more pulling to be done around the leeward marks.

3666 Enchanted Evening

08/04/2010 16:07:44
I have a 3-1 on mine which is stiched on so I can't change it. I did have an extra block on my last boat so I could change it but I found that there was too much rope to pull in when using it and too much on the floor when not!

I think it is down to personal preference and only you can say what you would rather have.

08/04/2010 16:28:55
Some people have a 4:1 and then can choose to untie the sheet from the boom and knot it, thus disabling one of the blocks, to give a 3:1 for lighter days.

09/04/2010 09:16:21
Use 3-1, this allows quicker responses to main, and is less sheet in the back of the boat.

09/04/2010 11:46:12
I'm with Mags.
Also have two main sheets of different lengths. (and colour)

If you need 4to1,its windy then you will be at back of boat sometimes.
Then you need that extra length!


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