New Members

30/03/2010 13:37:45
Peter and Vanessa
Hi there, New to Merlins, MROA and newish to sailing in general. Just thought we would introduce ourselves and hope to meet some of you at the forthcoming training event on Rutland water. I have recently purchased 3109 Finlandia and look forward to cutting a dash on a stretch of water some where near you soon.

30/03/2010 13:55:58
Welcome,Folks. I think you will meet a lot of new chums at Rutland; seems as though a lot of people are intending to go. You'll find that Merlin sailors are a friendly bunch, particularly at the back of the fleet, as we are all equally bemused! See you at Rutland.

30/03/2010 14:11:59
Always nice to see new members joining in. I think you will find there is allot of history on your boat, a quite well known boat if mind serves. You will find Rutland Training very usefull, it is something I must do at some point but working on Saturdays always gets in the way as it has this year too.

I hope you enjoy your new hobby and I am sure we will see you on the water soon.

Jeremy and Jo Deacon

31/03/2010 13:13:48
Hi and welcome to Merlins. Look forward to meeting you at Rutland where we will be trying to sort out our spinnaker drill and do justice to the potential in 3346 - Galactic Gnu. Ian and Angela

01/04/2010 20:23:12
Role models both.

30, 123 simple see!

02/04/2010 17:12:54
Tony Lane
Welcome to the very friendly and supportive MR fleet. I was fortunate enough to be the first owner of 3190 Finlandia. If you want to know anything about her early years please contact me.

02/04/2010 23:27:24
Martin 3496
And I will tell you about Finlandia from 2004 upto the 2008 Looe nationals where Finlandia took my crew and I to 2nd in the jack Holt Plate and the "On the Up " award in the Midland Circuit.


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