2929 High Noon

01/02/2010 12:26:52
Patrick Rayner
I have just entered the world of Merlin Sailing - oh dear have have I done???? Anyway does anyone know any history of Boat no. 2929 High Noon or the boat builder Probert? Its now at Thames Sailing Club - there seems to be a mini vintage Merlin revival here.

01/02/2010 12:46:59
Keith Probert used to build SOLID Merlin Rockets, Phil King used to own a Probert Smokers, Moriarty I believe once upon a time.
Dont know your particular boat, I'm sure someone will come up with the right info.

01/02/2010 15:14:15
Mike Liggett
First owner was a P B Thompson of Stoke-on-Trent & Bala SC. In 1984 she was owned by C Thompson (related?) in Bristol and Chew Valley SC. In 1987 she was back at Bala and owned by A Musgrave of Northwich. By 1990 she was at Rudyard Lake owned by H Whittaker of Poynton, Cheshire. Still at RLSC in 1996 but a new owner - A Woods of Stoke-on-Trent. No info. after this date.

02/02/2010 11:31:55
Peter Scott
We sailed 'Moriarty' at the infamous WHitstable Champs of 1976 - the year of the drought - when boat after boat was found to be under weight and disqualified - but not Moriarty!! When she went on the scales the Measurer declared himself satisfied as the needle on the scales zoomed past 110kg! Over the following winter Phil took a belt sander to the hull and drilled out weight saving holes all over - this did help - but not much!!

02/02/2010 14:35:41
remember to join the association bargain at £25 and you get all the goodies, just have to download a form from the website

02/02/2010 15:27:08
Garry R
Easy link

22/01/2020 20:27:39
Hi, may be a little late to revive the thread, but as a teenager I owned high noon and sailed it at Bala sc, if you still have it I can scan and send some photos from the late 80’s cheers Andrew


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