Salcombe 2010

30/01/2010 17:22:26
Does anyone know if there are any places left for salcombe 2010?

30/01/2010 19:05:16
David Gates
Looking at the Salcombe site there are currently 75 entries. See:-

30/01/2010 19:40:00
As of the 19th Jan I think there were still 25 entries left.

01/02/2010 13:19:38
John Murrell
As of this morning there are 76 confirmed entries and I am also aware of quite a number of people who have booked accommodation but haven't got their entries in yet!
02/06/2010 22:17:34
(cough) "Parslow" not "Parsloe"...

03/06/2010 08:39:58
Animal no more?

04/06/2010 12:18:03
Well, you know: I have to maintain the carefully cultivated "corporate persona" these days...

07/06/2010 10:25:45
Only 76 entries?  Too early in the year, that's my opinion...

07/06/2010 10:47:50
I think you'll find it's 85 entries now...

07/06/2010 12:39:36
Robert Harris
Less than four weeks before Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week starts there are apparently still 15 entry places available! 

Unbelievable. It makes the first line on 'Notice of Race' look a bit optimistic - "Places........will be the first 100 entries drawn on the 1st December 2009......etc.

The parents and grandparents of school children and other members who told the Committee via this forum that this would happen will take no comfort from that. They will hope those who make the decisions will come to their senses next year.

07/06/2010 14:58:24
ouch!  but school problem applies in my case :(

07/06/2010 16:03:13
biting my tongue
A bit harsh? I seem to remember it was more a case of tide tables and proximity to other events not the bloodymindedness or lack of sense of the committee.

07/06/2010 16:27:38
Yes tides are the issue, and there is nothing that can be done about that.  On the positive side there should still be plenty of last minute accommodation available and there will be much less harbour traffic and boats moored off Smalls.  In my day there was an 80 boat limit I seem to remember.

07/06/2010 20:07:29
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
86 entries hopefully when I get my Entry Form in.

08/06/2010 12:55:00
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Form in the post. Crew all sorted (hurray!), parking space at Battsons booked. Just got to work out how I am going to commute from home now when the missus needs our car to go to work ...

08/06/2010 15:39:39
I'm told the Merlin class were offered a choice of 3 weeks and we chose said week, I am not sure which the other weeks were but I doubt they were any earlier...
Tides will be the same 2 weeks later, were we offered this week, the last week of school term ?

08/06/2010 16:34:35
not again...
Here we go again (ducks under the desk).
We have been over this before!

I coulnt make Weymouth last weekend due to other commitments, but i wasnt banging on about it - complaining about the choice of date.

08/06/2010 17:24:20
Hywel jnr
As a teacher myself I will be missing Salcombe this year for the first time in many years because of the dates. Its a shame it has happened but I am sure the committee are aware that a lot of people are not able to go because of the decision to hold it so early. 
The guys and girls who manage the class are all human and liable to making the odd mistake, I think we should praise them for all the decisions they get right and not the odd one that they may slip up on. I'm sure that they will not let this happen again.

Anyway, just my 2p. worth

08/06/2010 19:13:08
Pat Blake
As just a 'backbencher' on the committee now I would like to make a couple of points about this, again!

The event is a Salcombe Yacht Club event and they choose the date - although we have a very good relationship and much consultation.

The reason it is so early is that the following week (our usual week) it is spring tides and low water in the middle of the day. i.e. small courses, much shorter start line, cant get motor boats on or off moorings in the middle of the day, etc, etc

If we waited 2 weeks it would be in school holidays but the town is very busy and most accommodation etc is unavailable, also for the Yacht Club organisation it is too near the August Regatta weeks and, for us, too near the Championship

Next year is different the neap tides fall later so all should be well!

So if you want to have real good family holiday and go Merlin sailing come to Champs at Penzance instead

Believe me there was a lot of discussion about this in committee and no one wants to exclude families or teachers – I am sure you all know that!

09/06/2010 08:24:10
School term ends 23rd July so 2 weeks later would not be in the holidays........

09/06/2010 08:25:27
I think that is pretty clear Pat, thanks for clearing this up. I for one am looking forward to nice quiet week

11/06/2010 11:33:50
Steve Watson
The Committee have not made any mistake.  It was a considered decison with Salcombe YC.

This was a result of substantial discussion based on major experience of balancing a congested timetable with the logistics of an event.
A few years back Salcombe week was too close to the Nationals. Criticism recieved. This year its in term time. Unfortunate. But that the way it is for 2010.

Sorry some of the MR family wont be there.

Some of the Committee are not human but malicious beasts intent on MR disruption. We need volunteers to get these ones off the Committee!! Informally apply at the AGM or drop the Chair a note.

11/06/2010 13:13:15
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Not been looking in the mirror again have you, Mr Watson? Entry form for the champs, please.

16/06/2010 23:28:59
Dan Alsop
I may be able to assist with accommodation, depending of course on applicants' credentials.  Please apply in confidence,
Dan Alsop
07 712 010 264

17/06/2010 09:04:35
There's something familiar about this photo....wrong class....but I knew it was Salcombe before I even looked at the caption!
17/06/2010 09:51:37
Think of it this way, if you moved Salcombe into the school holidays, then you would be looking at 2 weeks sailing in the hols. This would make people choose between the 2 events, and possibly make one of them poorly attended. It would also mean difficulty in getting accomodation in Salcombe, at a higher cost. 
I know it doesn;t suit everyone, but then does any sailing week. Leave Salcombe in July where it is and for those (Teachers/families etc) you still have the Nationals in the School Holidays.

17/06/2010 10:56:10
Andrew M
something VERY familiar, been there done that got the photo...

Think you'll find this is the exact same spot. 2 1/2 weeks to go
17/06/2010 11:30:12
haha - even the little tender is in the same place!


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