Star class!

23/01/2010 01:33:11
Well done Mr Percy and crew winning Again Bring on the Olympics - see YnYotting 4 more info.

23/01/2010 09:15:12
I have been following the regatta in the Telegraph and Star Class website. They have done an exceptional job given their lack of training in the last two years. It came down to consistancy and determination (aswell as skill and boat speed obviously)!

Well done boys, keep Britannia ruling the waves, on to the Americas Cup!!!

23/01/2010 09:37:55
Robert Harris
What America's Cup? I was fascinated watching the last one. Looks as though it mightn't happen again. Having got into the hands of two of the world's richest men it's still with the lawers less than three weeks before it's supposed to be contested in two huge multihulls. It's a bloody shame.

23/01/2010 10:17:27
It is a shame Robert, but once they have made their lawers rich and got their Ego's in check we can start to look forward to a proper one in a couple of years. Louis Vuiton is good to watch though so will look forward to that in November.


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