September Girl design info....

22/01/2010 16:12:17
Jeremy Kahn
Hi... I have just acquired a September Girl design... 2636..... it was partially stripped down when i got her and I am now stripping back for a good repair and varnish session...

... are there any other September Girls in the London area I could come and have a look at as there are locations for fittings on the hull which I have zero idea about...... if not anyone out there with one that they could snd me a few digital photos of the cockpit...

. I would also be interested in any suggestions for mods I could do at this stage when I will be back at stripped wood....... it already has a low tank fitted and came with twin spinnaker poles (metal ones)...... it has a Hog stepped mast but I think I will keep with that at the moment.....

... will be pleased to get any useful advice / info.... can be initially contacted on [email protected]


22/01/2010 17:33:22
Ben 2529
Hi Jeremy
I own and race a Smart built September Girl, no.2529. Yes I can help with any pics that you may require but try to be specific about detail that you wish to check out. A forum posting recently highlighted some of the differences between hog stepped and deck stepped. The biggest single aspect is that hog stepped cannot be raked as far back. A boat like this isn't really suitable for that sort of sailing need so why not keep it hog stepped? You should still be able to vary between vertical and 400mm of rake (measured at the deck). 2529 is raced on the Thames and with the Vintage wing, currently lying in Thames Ditton if you wish to have a look at her. They are very good boats to sail. Get in touch and good luck.
Ben Marshall

22/01/2010 18:02:12
Jeremy Kahn
Thanks forthat Ben.... gosh am amazed at the speed of responses here..... only postedthis afternoon and 2 replies already..... tes Ithinkl I had decided that I would keep the hog step... as I have never sailed a Merlin yet IU am sure that it will be good enough for me.... and a lot more technical than my Enterprise!!!...

... would love to come down and have a look to get an idea on all the rigging and one mystery is the flat surface sticking out of the frame adjacent to the quadrant.... have no idea what fits on there..... appropriately I am informed the orginal boat name was Perplexed!!!

.... I also have nio idea of how the jib sheets are sorted....

... if you can let me have a direct e-mail or phone will love to come and have a look .. I am in Acton so not a major journey....I sail at Putney .....


22/01/2010 18:45:00
rob 3708
Built by Aln Boatyard in 1972, I'm sure others will come up with more detail

22/01/2010 18:49:29
Jeremy Kahn
Thanks Rob.. yes I had found that out at the same time as I discovered it was not a Satisfaction which is what I thought when I bought it..... so now I definitely need to lose weight according to the design guide!!!

22/01/2010 21:14:46
Keep her original; vintage racing + cvrda. They are one of the prettiest merlin designs ever made, forget the design guide and sail for pleasure!

22/01/2010 21:25:51
Jeremy Kahn
Thank you John.... I do not intend to do anything too radical with her.... my main problem at moment is knowing how it was originally rigged etc.... well I hope it will be pretty when finished... at moment is a bit of a sorry state..... luckily mainly cosmetic....

22/01/2010 21:59:50
im doing a ghostrider up at the moment,the onlything im changing is to move the jib sheeting angle in board,the one thing I would suggest is check the thwart is still glued in,I gently eased mine out with a mallet,there was very little holding it in,hopeto see you on the classic circuit! rgds phil scott 2427

22/01/2010 22:04:09
Jeremy Kahn
Thanks Phil..... I had noticed there was a little movement between thwart and centre board box Iwill give is it a good fix... yes Ithink eventually it will be good to travel with it but initially I hope to learn how to sail it on the Thames at Putney....

23/01/2010 02:11:10
Nick Price (214)
Is that Jeremy at South Bank? The flat surface you refer to is probably where a track goes for the jib sheets so you can adjust the angle you sheet at. Am in the USA at present but there are a lot of elderly Merlins at Ranelagh you could have a look at.

23/01/2010 12:05:37
Peter Scott
The boat was originally owned by Roger Hopper - who now sails a Solo at Shustoke - and crewed by Mike Kelly. They won numerous open metings and I recall the harder it blew the better they went!

24/01/2010 22:30:59
Jeremy Kahn
Hi to all so far...... I have now realised from photos supplied to me that the ledge is in fact where the crew seats should have been ...... I feel very foolish not realising it sooner...,,, so much to learn!!...

27/01/2010 14:51:55
mark nicholson
On the subject of September Girls, I'd be interested to know of the whereabouts and condition of Tiger Lily (2596).  Big bruv and I knew it since new and owned it in late 70s / early 80s.  Last saw about 20 odd years ago at Thames SC I think.  I hope she is in good nick and still loved, but if not, maybe we could perform a rescue...


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