Shroud tension - travel

18/01/2010 19:16:02
I'm trying to work out if I have enough travel where I'd like to mount my rig tension block. 

Ignoring rake, roughly how much are the shouds/forestay shortened between min and max rig tension?


18/01/2010 21:08:56
Chris Martin
4 to 5 inches at a guess. I've never measured it!

18/01/2010 22:08:38
Thats kind of the figure I had in mind. 

Would anybody else like to volunteer an guess?

19/01/2010 11:13:53
Might it depend on the mast? 
On a stiff alloy mast I had, I think it only needed a couple of inches of movement at the end of the shrouds - no stretch in the wire, little give in the mast = tensioned up quickly. On a softer mast with some give in it, it would take more movement to get the same tension.

19/01/2010 18:19:23
Its a bendy carbon jobbie.

19/01/2010 18:52:44
Chris Martin
Well, you can pretty much gount on half of the distance from the mast foot to the hole under the gooseneck fitting asa being roughly the distance the shroud will move. The jib is on a 2:1, hence half the distance.


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