Another new Yoof Squad member

15/01/2010 18:59:14
Lucy Burn
Robert Bruce LeRoy was born at 4:23pm on Tuesday 12th January. 
Robert is his Grandpa's name (Rob Burn)but he will be known as Robbie
Bruce - after Springsteen as his Daddy is a massive fan
LeRoy - Tim and I are due to get married in 2011!

Lucy & Tim x

15/01/2010 19:23:52
Well done Tim, Lucy and of course Robbie.

How long till Flynn and Robbie are sailing together? want to go halves on a cadet?

15/01/2010 20:18:01
jacks getting worried,all this competion for the ladies!! well done folks liese phil and d.h.jnr!!

15/01/2010 21:44:44
Congrats again Lucy and Tim, fantastic news! Here is a bedtime story you can start telling him about Robert the Bruce.........

Robert the Bruce and the Story of the Spider
After his last defeat he fled from Scotland and took refuge in a wretched hut on an island off the north coast of Ireland. Here he stayed all alone during one winter. It is said that one day, while he was very down-hearted, he saw a spider trying to spin a web between two beams of his hut. The little creature tried to throw a thread from one beam to another, but failed. Not discouraged, it tried four times more without success. "Five times has the spider failed," said Bruce. "That is just the number of times the English have defeated me. If the spider has courage to try again, I also will try to free Scotland!" He watched the spider. It rested for a while as if to gain strength, and then threw its slender thread toward the beam. This time it succeeded. "I thank God!" exclaimed Bruce. "The spider has taught me a lesson. No more will I be discouraged."

Glory days

16/01/2010 10:27:05
Mrs Tosh
Massive congratulations from us too. Amanda, Tosh, Joe, Jack & Hannah xx

16/01/2010 13:05:17
Lucy Burn
Thanks gusy and Love the story Gareth! I need to think of that spider at night sometimes when trying to get little Robbie fed and back to sleep!

Defo happy to go halves on that Cadet Hywel! but who's going to helm and who's going to crew???



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