ahoy Barnsie!

13/01/2010 19:27:06
hi mark, can you tell me if roger angel is still going, could you please give me a ring ?07973 720732 ta!

15/01/2010 08:53:46
Good question. He was based around Birmingham and his main business was precision weights for industry. I would contact Joe Richards on the Isle of White (Glenn Truswell will have his number(Merlin Handbook)). If anyone knows, Joe will know where to find him.

Curiosity, what are you after from Roger.

Bye for now


15/01/2010 09:22:02
Apparently he is doing a few bits and pieces. I think he is working on a project of making a foiling moth. Not sure about customer stuff though.

15/01/2010 09:48:22
ive got one of your old masts and i need another 2.5 feet to hog step it, just wondered if he or you might have a broken stump off one? thanks for the reply .phil

15/01/2010 12:37:49
The mast is I believe the same dia as the I14 mast of the same period. Great mast as never broke and was fast in all bar very ligh conditions as stiff. However, mast technology has moved on. If only looking for a stump to extend the mast and below deck, may be worth aslo speaking to Simon/Ken Brackwell at Carbon Fibre Tubes Ltd.
They will need the inner and outer dia. Suggest, two parts with an internal sleeve and then outer wrap with peel ply (nylon matt) to remove excess resin and give a good finish.
Best of luck.

15/01/2010 20:22:52
cheers mark,never mind wasworth a try,ill see what comes up, rgds phil


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