Lifting rudder and stock

08/01/2010 12:02:04
I have a fixed rudder for open water, but when I sail at my home club, Thames I am likely, no definitely, going to ground my rudder at some stage, if not in the shallower water, then on the punting ledge.

Does anyone know where can I get a lifting rudder, stock and tiller from?

08/01/2010 12:35:16
Richard Battey
The usual suspects: Pinnell & Bax, Speed, Northampton Sailboats, LDC Racing Sailboats, Purple Marine to name a few. Someone might have a spare knocking around in the garage they may wish to part with or follow the link to ebay. I did make one once for a boat I owned and it didn't take very long or much material, bit of ply, some carbon, pintle, gudgeon, alloy tube, epoxy SP106 & SP microfibres worked a treat!

Good luck.
08/01/2010 14:33:08
Thanks Richard

I've tried most of those you mentioned and have almost come to the conclusion that I am going to have to make one myself. Now has anyone got a lifting rudder blade?


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