Ice yachting

08/01/2010 10:13:18
Garry R
Anyone on the Merlin site remember this 

Quote from the BBC comparing 2010 to 1963

"Amid the hardship however a new sport took off - ice yachting.
Pam Gershon, from Harrow, recalls land yachts on wheels being sailed on the frozen Welsh Harp reservoir in north west London".

08/01/2010 10:44:12
Ancient Geek
If you saw the BBC news yesterday morning there was a shot of two young dinghy sailors of the time sailing a home made ice-yacht on Oulton Broad with Firefly sails and a Merlin Rocket mast.

08/01/2010 14:26:26
IIRC there were stories of Fireflies being sailed (on ice) at Welsh Harp in 64/5.

Apparently the bilge keels took a bit of wear, but the keelband took most of the strain. (and I've no idea how you steer one!)



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