Carbon Boom and poles wanted

08/01/2010 08:14:54
Clive Kitson
Please see secondhand thread. Can anyone help?
11/01/2010 14:57:11
Ben 3634
You'll have a long wait, I reckon, these don't come up 2ndhand very often

11/01/2010 15:36:22
True, generally you would only replace them if you break them! Best bet is to bite the bullet and go for some new ones.

11/01/2010 17:13:42
Whats a fair price for a pair of used but never broken carbon spinaker poles? 55% 65% 75% of new?

11/01/2010 19:57:21
I am told that carbon fishing rods of roughly the right diameter make good spinny poles and are a lot cheaper!

11/01/2010 22:17:10
Robin Szemeti
or .. you could try these people ...
12/01/2010 17:44:43
Chris Martin
Thats a good website!

Most suppliers only stock up to 2m. what are the prices like?

12/01/2010 18:25:42
Robin Szemeti
no eyed deer

I suspect you need to email them, be interesting to see what it comes out at ...

12/01/2010 22:56:18
I looked long and hard at that web site plus a couple of others and basicaly by the time you got the bits for the ends and epoxy you saved about £25 notes, so what happens when it breaks on the third outing? you have to make another.... buy from one of the Chandlrey shops and as like as not it will get replaced as neither they or the manufacturer will want anything to do with a pole that broke on the third outing.

13/01/2010 07:12:30
Chris Martin
You're right but the tubes are probably exactly the same. There are not that many manufactuters of shrink-wrapped carbob tube.

13/01/2010 16:59:33
Robin Szemeti
Those people do parallel tube, if you want a tapered tube, try these people ..

They mention they have done spinnaker poles, so they are probably not complete novices at it.

To be fair, Looking at the price of a pair of Merlin spinnaker poles from Chipstow is not shockingly expensive, you could argue that we are a small class, and if we want to be able to benefit from developments, we should support the innovative suppliers who develop products for what is after all a very niche market.

Theres also the attraction of the experimental nature of the calss, some of us aare naturally inquisitiuve and will always be looking at new ideas and things to try, its not all about cost, sometimes its the sheer fun of finding all thebits and putting them together too.
13/01/2010 19:14:22
David W
You could try Terry Cooke at Aardvark Racing


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