Non-technical volunteers needed to help with MR website

04/01/2010 16:18:36
sadly i am struggling more and more with finding spare time at the moment, owing to my day job not being slack like the last one. oh, and having another child hasnt helped! dont mention the housework...

i could really do with some volunteers to help me out on a regular basis. it doesnt have to be anything technical, so if you know someone who could help, please ask them to email me or call 01252 337554.


05/01/2010 11:31:26
I have had a couple of replies - thanks very much.
But it would still be worthwhile getting a few others, as the workload can be shared even further then!

05/01/2010 21:31:19
Wow - thats great! Thanks everyone.

Now if anyone wants to do my hoovering and clean the kitchen, please get in touch. There are issues on that front as well....

05/01/2010 22:33:18
Ancient Geek
Mags, I am second to none in my admiration of your ability with technology and being one of the good guys too, but you've got to get the domestic chore contracted to where they belong whilst you work like a dog in your shed to produce the excellent stuff you do. (You did not ask for help with the cats I note!) which produces the cash to feed the rest of the family.

06/01/2010 08:25:31
Gentlemen, as they say a woman's work is never done.

06/01/2010 09:27:26
Not if they have a child to look after, no!

06/01/2010 10:34:02
And I am sorry to say it only gets worse as the children get older. Making demands into ever precious sailing time. Having said that, enjoy them while they are young. They grow up far too quickly these days. Make sure you take lots of pictures for the albums.

14/01/2010 20:24:56
I look forward to receiving those handbook jpg's to whittle down to size soon Mags?!?

15/01/2010 00:09:02
Robin Szemeti
I'm happy to offer any help needed, I'm a  Linux sysadmin / [java/perl/javascript/xhtml/php] developer so if theres you need a hand with, just shout.

15/01/2010 13:45:52
Actually it's normally the dull simple tasks that I need help with, rather than the highly technical ones!

My thanks to all the kind volunteers.


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