09/12/2009 13:02:57

I am looking at having my Merlin Re-decked (My crew put his knee through it at the weekend) but not sure where to take it. The Boat is based in Derbyshire. I took her to Dinghycraft earlier this year but wasn't impressed with the out come or the service. Any one have any rough Idea's on how much it will cost.



09/12/2009 17:39:20
Richard Battey
£1,000+ if not more. Labour, quality marine ply, fitting & fixing then varnishing (6 coats min). Does your insurance cover for accidental damage?

09/12/2009 18:35:58
Hope so need to find a builder first though

09/12/2009 18:37:26
Ancient Geek
Your insurer can probably help with this most have lists of approved boatbuilders.

09/12/2009 23:28:43
Derbyshire? Have you spoke to Scotty? I think he is somewhwhere near Tamworth.

10/12/2009 12:50:44
John Murrell
Have you tried Kevin Driver? I know he has a bit on at the moment but he does do a 'luverly' job and has my ship booked in for some titivation come February! His phone no is 01297 23434 and when Millennium Falcon got hurt a couple of years back the insurance company I used had him on their list of approved hospitals!

Also a day trip to Beer would be well worth it if only to see the wonderful East Devon scenery...............

10/12/2009 17:28:27
A day trip!

10/12/2009 17:40:08
Well........Maybe a couple of day trips!

10/12/2009 21:22:23
steve ward
could try steve boon hes up by you


11/12/2009 10:18:36
Brett Dingwall does a great job and is on most insurance lists. Just a hop down the M1 he's based near M25/M1.

11/12/2009 12:35:52
You can't be too far from Northampton and Tom Stewart at Pinnell and Bax:

11/12/2009 14:25:37
David Gates
Try Roger Gates at Datchet nr. Windsor. 01753 544906. He does a good job at fair prices.


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