07/12/2009 21:16:25
keV berry
Guys. I am selling 3582 due to erratic work commitments and need a single hander for weekday sailing.

08/12/2009 08:35:32
Sorry to hear that Kev. Hope you come back when your work settles down back to routine. I have an OK I am just doing up if you are interested?

08/12/2009 16:48:25
Kev Berry 3582
Thanks for that as I do intend to return at some stage in the future. Thanks for the offer of the OK, however I may be looking at a Phantom as there are a few at the club. I might need to eat more pies to get my weight up a bit. Failing that, I might consider the baby Phantom such as a Solution(Still doing my research)!

08/12/2009 17:40:07
Just sold my Phantom to Mike Hamilton I am afraid. They are wild and youneed open space for them. A bit much for the River as I found out!!

Good luck

09/12/2009 09:37:36
I only sailed a Phantom once,  it was No 1 built by Paul Wright at Buckenham Ferry, must be nearly 40 years ago.

09/12/2009 09:50:02
I tried to buy number 5 a little while ago when it appeared on ebay. It needed some restoration but someone wanted it more!


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