Nationals 2010 - Penzance SC

29/11/2009 20:00:40
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Four entrepid Merlin Rocketeers braved wind and rain, plus not a little hail to venture into hitherto unknown parts this weekend. Your reporter has been informed that the sun did make an appearance, but he blinked so cannot confirm nor deny.

The team ably researched the hospitatilty offered by those known as "Cornish" and can confirm that Doom Bar was very agreeable and widely available, cider was either cloudy or clear and sweet and headaches can be found every morning.

During a face to face meeting with the natives, discussions were had as to whether one should have the sausage first, prior to the triangle (or was that prior to the bacon, eggs and beans) and how long the legs should be. The hosts are to put on a fantastic show, the entrepid explorers have located a range of interesting social occasions to suit all sorts.

Where else will you find smugglers, Nelson's death mast and a pub constructed entirely from ships .....

This report will self destruct in 15 seconds .......



29/11/2009 20:10:41
The effects of the cider would also be quite persistent by the looks of it!

29/11/2009 20:15:04
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Nope, Doom'd. Had too many bad experiences on cider in my yoof to warrant a repeat.

30/11/2009 07:56:02
'Nelson's death mast' - was that an early Super Spar?


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