Virgin Cup at Tresaith Regatta 2010?

25/11/2009 12:12:20
As you may have seen in the magazine we put a piece in about holding a Virgin Cup event at Tresaith SW Wales next year.

It would be nice to know who is interested or if anyone wants to know a little more on the concept or the location. It's a great little spot and great for everyone. is just one page you can look at

We camp at no pictures on there but it's from here you can walk to the beach down a cliff path, and back again!!

Oh yeah - the sailing's not bad either. Tosh has won the regatta twice and having spoken to the powers that be, they are very happy to accommodate as many Merlins as we can get there.

Hope to see you there.

25/11/2009 21:58:35
Mrs Tosh
So Mr T has asked me to mention that it's me Mrs T who posted. Why that makes a difference I do not know. In any case it would be great to see everyone, without exception at the event! I am looking forward to BBQ's and bonfires on the beach as is the norm at dusk and climbing the heady heights, torch in hand up the cliff path after post race analysing and a few pints of the good stuff in The Ship.

29/11/2009 17:51:50
No mention of dates (not the horrible sticky sort) when is the event?

01/12/2009 07:28:13
Mrs Tosh
it's the 8th August.


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