To all midland sailors

19/11/2009 11:24:41
James 3403
i am looking to come up to midland this saturday to watch the racing but if anyone would like a crew for the day i am available. 

What time does the racing start aswell??

19/11/2009 14:36:09
ben hollis
sure there is someone needing a crew normally is im crewing for my dad so ill try and help you out

19/11/2009 17:16:59
Chris w
first race starts at 1.00

20/11/2009 16:13:03
Chris w
or actually 1:30pm it seems

20/11/2009 18:37:38
Im am need of a crew.
However, the wind may mitigate the need if discretion becomes the better part of a lager.

20/11/2009 18:43:31
Ben Clark
Sorry to but in, i live in the Cardiff area where do you guys race?

20/11/2009 22:28:09
Chris M
centre of birmingham

20/11/2009 23:34:18
James 3403
K then Shaka we can judge it when u get there if you want? 

Ben hollis wat time do u get to the club for and will meet u there at that time ish!!!!

21/11/2009 10:27:36
ben hollis
bout half 1

21/11/2009 10:28:00
ben hollis
thats supposed to be half 12 sorry

21/11/2009 10:34:15
James 3403
k cu there bout then


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