Insurance - Heath Lambert

11/11/2009 16:48:31
Alan B (3637)
I have had an approach from Heath Lambert offering dinghy insurance.  Has anyone had any experience of making claims with them?

11/11/2009 22:17:12
IMHO can't beat Bishop Skinner.

11/11/2009 22:17:37
IMHO can't beat Bishop Skinner.

11/11/2009 22:18:55
in any event, HL are a broker - you need to know which insurer they intend to place your policy with before you can get a view as to that insurers claims service.

11/11/2009 23:22:42
Northern Merlin
Used them a long time. One claim, great. Recomend them to anyone.

13/11/2009 13:33:16
The excellent Bishop Skinner (Bluefin) are also brokers.

14/11/2009 20:19:22
Chris M
Are they not all brokers? In actual fact we don't tend to deal with underwriters at all really so our choice of insurer is based upon the effiency of the broker. Noble are excellent but expensive. Bishop Skinner are cheaper and pretty much as good. I've also heard good things about Craftinsure, though they are not cheap either.

24/05/2010 15:10:06
There is an amazing range of quotes out there. 

For my £1500 Merlin, I can go with Noble or Bishop Skinner for £130ish premium, use CraftInsure or E&L for around £78....

...but Towergate Mardon are charging me £55 ! I see they won't cover me for sonic boom damage (aluminium booms are OK I assume) but what on earth am I missing with them, that Noble/BS offer for a whopping £75pa?

24/05/2010 16:01:09
It is going to vary dependant on the boat. Bishop Skinner were cheaper for my less valuable OK but more for my valuable Merlin. I have used Craft Insure for years and had two claims. Further than coming round to my house and fixing it for me they could not have done more.

Regardless of price am happy with them.

24/05/2010 17:40:20
I have used Towergate Mardon, and I have found them very good. Not only were they cheaper than other insurers, but I broke a Chipstow mast and boom and they settled with no quibbles. The increase in premium the following year, was still cheaper than others.



24/05/2010 18:21:49
steve ward
Just looked quite carefully towergate mardon are much cheaper and will cover the boat no problem at all but the public liability cover offered is way to low to comply with open meeting entry requirements max about 50k

24/05/2010 19:00:27
Hi Steve, my policy says 3 million third party liability. Is that different to public liability? I thought it was third party that counted.




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