Rob Heath and global warming

10/11/2009 19:38:03
See "Position of Month" on back page of the latest Yachts and Yachting!

10/11/2009 20:32:43
Ooh can it get scanned to the site somewhere? Mags?

11/11/2009 09:39:14
Now it's one think to ask someone to break copyright and post an image illegally....but to ask them to do it with their own company's property....and post it with their real name...!!!!

11/11/2009 09:39:47
The digital edition is a good price, why not subscribe?
11/11/2009 09:51:17
Ann Imposter
Change your name then! Get on with it, man.

13/11/2009 13:40:15
Do it right
Well, ask for permission to publish it, in low resolution, with a copyright notice on it, as any publicity is good publicity and you might get a few digital subscriptions

13/11/2009 13:54:30
It's not THAT exciting....just a very swamped Merlin with the transom a few inches under water.

13/11/2009 14:21:30
or just buy the magazine. It really is quite a good issue, and loads of Merlin pictures in it.

13/11/2009 14:55:18
Is it worth a caption competition?


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