where are you??

09/11/2009 10:57:40
william warren
Where is everybody?? Turned up at the Snowflake for a lovely sail force 2/3 great course etc. but no Merlins!!!! Only my dad and one club merlin. Am I 'Billy no mates' at Chichester? Should we be somewhere else that I don't know about? Or was the rain that kept you all in bed?

09/11/2009 11:33:02
Measurement Man
Hi Willy,

Was on 29er duty at Grafham with the boy for the weekend.... Bosnia was also there in a B14, but he is talking about doing some Snowflaking.

We will be doing the HISC winter series until Christmas and then coming over to play.


09/11/2009 12:08:18
River Sailor
Good turn out at Tamesis William... 14 boats maybe?

09/11/2009 12:16:34
Chris B (922/3062)
Yes, 14 boats for Race 1 of the Tamesis Winter Series despite a none-too-encouraging forecast - it can only get better!

09/11/2009 12:18:28
We are planning to do the whole series this year but it is Jo's Birthday today and so we were out to diner yesterday and so could not go. We will be there in two weeks time though.

Hope there will be a few more Merlins there then.

09/11/2009 13:09:12
Rod 3586
Maureen and I joined HISC this year, the Merlin fleet has grown from 2 boats to 10 with club racing continuing for another three weeks. After that we are comming to do the snowflake I know other HISC Merlins are also intending to come with us. Not that Maureen and I will provide you with much competition we will see you soon!
Rod 3586

09/11/2009 16:04:41
HISC Merlins
The HISC winter series is running each weekend from now until Xmas. There are two series, one for Saturday and One for Sunday. As Rod has said, the merlin class at Hayling has increased to 10 boats in only a couple of years. All visiting merlins would be warmly welcomed.

The NOR is in the link below.

10/11/2009 07:46:51
Hi HISC merlins
as I've just got my boat back from the menders, I'm keen on doing some weekend racing..especially on Saturdays..as my time is limited on Sundays. Is there a good turn out on the Saturday?..

10/11/2009 08:46:35
Sorry Wazzler ~ it's all about the mighty Island Barn experience this year after Chrimbo.

10/11/2009 13:21:59
Rod 3586
Hi Tim not sure if we have met or where you currently sail. But hi, it would be great to have another visiting Merlin, the class has made a real impact at the club with much ongoing interest and expressions of people considering buying a Merlin for next year. The club has been hugely supportive of our growing status with the HISC Crew doing everything they can to encourage further growth they very much want to see the fleet be successful.
Sunday has the larger regular turn out of Merlins with Saturday sailing being very much "whats the weather like" type of approach, we then contact each other as several are local and agree to turn up on the Saturday.If you identified some dates we would arrange to sail on that day. If you contact me on the e mail identified I can get you included onto our e mail circulation list and provide you with further contacts. I can be contacted on [email protected] hope to hear from you

Rod 3586

10/11/2009 16:25:35
Giving up sailing Wazzler. Check out my new gig:

10/11/2009 18:39:37
Just imagine explaining to the guy in the ski-hire shop what happened to his skis! "You ski-ed off the edge of the fricking cliff, kicked them off and just flew down in your wing suit?! That's the end of your fricking deposit, Dude."


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