Goodbye Merlin Rocketeers! (for a year anyway...)

26/10/2009 21:47:51
Dangerous Dave Reid

I think I explained numerous times to various people at the prize giving on Saturday night (when I say "I think", it all got a bit hazy...) but I am not going to be sailing Merlins next year.

At the end of November I will be off to Austria with my girlfriend to do a ski season in St Anton so if anyone is thinking going skiing then come out there to visit! I will be working in Chalet Strauss with a company called Powderwhite (

Once we're done with that we are coming back for a week to dump the snowboards, pick up the shorts and go travelling around Asia for 5 months.

We're intending on returning in October 2010 but who knows what will happen!

So I'd just like to say thanks to everyone, it's been a good few seasons and I've had some good fun and managed to spend far too much money mostly on alcoholic beverages and fancy dress costumes.

we're going to be starting a blog so if you want to say hello then have a look here:

if any of you are around Brighton before the end of September then let me know. Otherwise see you all in 2010 or 2011!


27/10/2009 08:09:23
Andy D
Was he really that bad DD? This all seems like a bit of a drastic escape....

27/10/2009 10:14:18
Crewless Captain ;-((
Dave, I hope and Gemma have a great year off skiing and travelling! You know where to find Still Not Over when you return, hopefully with a mast in one piece by then ;-)


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