Sails on different masts

22/10/2009 08:07:16
We're looking to buy a second hand set of sails for our Mk1 Winder and wondered just how well a set cut for a Chipstow mast would set on our old Superspars carbon mast.

Ian and Hannah

22/10/2009 08:42:55
Chris M
I'm not sure that the sails are cut any differantly. The masts are just set up differantly, a superspar has more prebend than a chipstow etc.

22/10/2009 18:29:43
Thanks, but surely that imply's that sails for a Superspar should have more luff curve and so on.


22/10/2009 19:22:43
Hi Ian

Its all in the mast setup as Chris says. Spreader deflection give you the prebend in the mast to suit the cut of the sail. Follow the sail manufacturers setup info for deflection and spreader tensions.



22/10/2009 19:23:42
edit: shroud tension.

22/10/2009 19:27:39
Chris Martin
I'm not ba sail maker but i do know that that depends on all sorts of things. The reason you set up a SS mast with more prebend is because it is less flexible at the top so there is still an element of force involved to get it to do what a Chipstow does automatically.

Also because a SS mast is quite soft low down you have to use more lowers.

It may seem as if you're setting the mast up to emulate the chipstow, but these are properties you want reagrdless of what the sail is cut to do. What you won't get is the same amount of gust response, but no cut of sail is going to provide what the mast physically cannot do.


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