Will Hartje Memorial Service

08/10/2009 10:32:00
Ancient Geek
Those who knew him and caught the news will know Will Harje died at the ridiculouslt young age of 58 in June his brother Jim asked me to post this So:
Hello - from another "Hartje" - This is James (Will's older brother)
I am penning this to the list of contacts e-mailed to inform you all of the sad passing of Will unexpectedly on June 16th at his home in Phoenix. As we cannot distinguish who lives in States and who is here in the UK, I hope you will forgive me for addressing you all jointly.

Thanks to the many of you who attended the funeral service on the June 26th and the reception afterwards celebrating his life. My sister Liz and I were so pleased to meet Sharon's family and the many friends he had made since he moved to the United States.

When we arrived back, we decided it would be fitting to have a Memorial Service to honour his life for all his family and friends here in the UK and we would like invite anyone who is able to attend.

This will take place on November 1st at St Ann's Church, Avenue Road, Tottenham N15 5JG. The service will follow on from the regular morning service at 11.00. It is fitting that this is All Saints Day in the church calendar and the following day All Souls Day

We have chosen this church as my daughter, Will's niece, Katherine attends and is a member of the choir. It is easily accessible for those who wish to attend and is local to more than half of the family - and so has some meaningful connection to Will.

We would be delighted if you were able to come and a simple e-mail response would help us greatly in the planning. Depending on numbers we will either use the church hall for a get together afterwards, or retire to a local hostelry for some refreshments. If you need details of how best to travel to the church, we can send them to you.

Best Regards James
[email protected]


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