Past ST winning boats - unknown sail numbers

07/10/2009 11:50:23
I've updated the ST past winners page to include winning boat and crew details as per the ST trophy. I can't find record of two boats in the current yearbook as either destroyed or changed boat names since. Would someone with good memory ot older yearbooks be able to help please.

Winner in 1960 was a boat called 'Gollywogs' sailed by R. M. Fowler. What was the sail no please?

Winner in 1971 was a boat called 'Mythbegotten' sailed by Pat Blake. Again anyone know the sail no?

Many thanks, Ross

07/10/2009 11:56:34
Ancient Geek
Merlin Rocket 1063 Golliwogs sailed by Robin and Sue Fowler. Severely damaged by a Greenline Bus in 1961. Rebuilt by a couple of youngsters who sailed her at Ranelagh.
I am sure Pat can supply the details of a boat he sailed.

07/10/2009 15:20:35
Is there a good story behind the bus collision? Was a group of high-spirited sailors using the boat to bus-surf? Or merely the sad tale of a road traffic accident?

07/10/2009 15:36:00
Many thanks

07/10/2009 18:21:48
Ancient Geek
A very sad tale of a reckless bus driver.

07/10/2009 21:12:09
Was Rosa Parkes on Board?

07/10/2009 21:24:17
Ancient Geek
We are talking Greenline not Greyhound!

07/10/2009 22:30:54
What was the bus number?

08/10/2009 10:15:18
Pat Blake
It’s strange how one can remember some things and not others!
I think 'Mythbegoten' was 2440?
She was certainly a Keith Callaghan Hotspur 206 and built by Arnot Dobson at Aln Boatyard. She was a rather revolting pale green colour and had a terrible name - no wonder someone changed it!
Bloody quick though - specially in light weather.
My crew that year was Neil Taylor (real name James)

08/10/2009 11:54:38
Garry R
The boat design, builder and number tally OK - the new name is listed as Marlin

08/10/2009 12:14:37
Pat, this is taken from Keiths website

This brought my name to the attention of some of the top helmsmen, and in early 1971, Richard Davies of Whitstable YC had ordered a boat from Anderson Rigden & Perkins, and Patrick Blake had a boat built by Bob Hoare at Christchurch. Others were built by the Aln Boatyard in Northumberland.
Patrick's boat ('Mythbegotten' MR2446) won the Silver Tiller series in 1971

He says it was a Bob Hoare boat 2446

08/10/2009 12:26:16
Blimey what have I started now ;-))

2446 is sadly listed as destroyed which would explain why the name is no longer listed....


08/10/2009 12:51:49
Pat Blake
Oh yes - maybe thats right!
I certainly had some Bob Hoare boats. Half Cut was the first (2121) then Near Myth (2225)
We changed them every year in those days.
Myth Isle (2575)was the first of my Rowsell boats.
Keith will be right - sorry I have such a crap memory but it is a long time ago!
I am right about the colour though.

08/10/2009 18:18:31
Richard Davis
My boat was 2440 and built at the Aln Boatyard !

09/10/2009 09:57:17
Ancient Geek
I always though the "Myths" were a good theme to run through a line of boats. Aln boatyard were very good builders they built mt last Merlin Rocket and did exactly as I asked and very well too. Arnott Dobson is still with us I had a long chat with him the other day.

09/10/2009 17:44:36
Mike Anslow
When I last stopped at Alnmouth 4/5 years ago, we stayed at "The Boathouse" which I believe is on the site of Arnott Dobson's business.  My first Merlin - The Entertainer (MR 2706) - was built by Aln Boatyard, and is still sailing.

26/10/2009 20:18:00
Brian Yeomans
Not sure if anyone can be of assistance, but my son was given a dinghy that was built by aln boatyard. It has the metal plaque on it, and the only other thing i can see is the number 1858? Am trying to find out more information about it if anyone can help.


27/10/2009 09:39:28
Garry R
Doesn't look as if it is a Merlin Rocket sorry to say.  Boat number 1858 was a Chippendale built boat  Proctor IX design from year 1966

27/10/2009 11:23:38
How long is it? Could be a National 12?

27/10/2009 14:00:24
Ancient Geek
Had a spare moment and rang Arnott Dobson (Aln Boatyard as was.) Says they finished a National 12 Wyche & Coppock shell around 1960 which would be the right sort of time for National 12 1858, they only finshed one Merlin from someone else shell and that was a Wyche & Coppock MkX1 around the same time.
They did however build no 1869 around 1966 which was their own design but not dissimilar to the Surf Scoter design.
Hope this helps.

27/10/2009 15:59:45
John Murrell
Looking on the Twelves boat register, 1858 looks like a boat that had a number issued but was never measured.
27/10/2009 16:28:11
Robert Harris
I found the Nat. 12 list fascinating. When I was a fit, lithe young lad I helmed or crewed quite a few 12s in the 50s -- 482, 502, 508, 952, 973, 1010, 1179?, 1277, 1285, 1357 and maybe a few more. 

Then I grew older and wiser!

27/10/2009 16:38:18
That's a good memory you have there Robert!!!

27/10/2009 20:26:08
Robert Harris
That's the trouble with being my age Ross, you remember everything from your childhood and nothing from yesterday!

P.S. 952 should be 925 - 'Wraith' a beautiful ash ribbed mahogany Jack Holt 12 owned by David Thorpe of Minima Y. C., sometime yachting correspondant for the Telegraph.


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