Winter Series club racing

06/10/2009 15:53:41
Now the weather has made it clear Autumn is here to stay, I guess we should turn our attention to Winter racing. As soon as the open meetings die down, clubs begin to run their winter series, and some are very well attended by Merlins travelling from a fair distance.

Please can club reps provide information about their winter race series below (dates, times, costs, whether berths are available). This page can then serve as an information resource to everyone....but please can people avoid asking questions (and going way off topic!) as that would make this thread less useful and harder to search.

If club reps provide their email when submitting the information below, then individuals with questions can contact them that way. Or by phone.

06/10/2009 15:56:02
To kick off the list, here's one I've just heard of...


We are near Hampton Court in Surrey and are an elevated reservoir like Queen Mary, but a little smaller (!), with deep water and clear air. We would like to extend this invitation to other Merlin Rocket owners and provide racing for a good sized Rocket fleet. There will be 3 races every Sunday morning, hot snacks and a bar.

Contact: Mike Jones - mike (at)
06/10/2009 15:58:29
And the ever-popular...


November 8th onwards (alternate Sundays), usually 2 races a day.
There is ALWAYS a good Merlin turnout, and the event is run on the age-related handicaps for our class, so older boats need not feel hard done by!
06/10/2009 16:04:40
Frances Gifford
This is a better link for Chichester Mags, giving race times for all races from the beginning.

06/10/2009 17:52:58
Also, Hayling Island SC run a  Sat & Sun Autumn Open Series - 10 Oct to 19 Dec 2009.

The notice of race will be posted soon - see the link below.
06/10/2009 19:46:43
former whitstable pro
There is an error in the definition of the various classes for the Snowflake - the slowest category should be 1170 and above I believe -not 1070  and above

07/10/2009 09:26:07

tons of racing , saturdays and sundays, times vary check the club website schedule. Used to be the HOME of merlin winter sailing, ask JH and the crew.

07/10/2009 09:27:40
re Ranelagh

07/10/2009 11:45:50
Chris B (922/3062)
Tamesis offer two options:

1) Full winter membership which would entitle you to compete in the highly-competitive winter series every Sunday from November to the end of March; The main Merlin class race is at 11:15 but you're also able to compete in the 10:30 handicap each Sunday.

2) The Merlin Rocket Travellers Series which runs from January to the end of March. Two races each Sunday - 10:30 and 11:15.

For more information, take a look at the Tamesis website or drop me an email.
28/10/2009 17:25:35
ben hollis

blithfield sailing club first event 15th NOV

come along its a great series!!!!!!

14/12/2009 08:43:24
the gurn
just taking a handfull of painkilers - 3 races a Island Barn yesterday - nearly didn't go sailing at all - the padlock housing the kit to pull the boats up the bank was stuck - fortunately I had an angle grinder in the car - as one does - 

But superb sailing - the stream was going past Thames Sailing club about 10 miles an hour (and I presume at Tammy)

Anyone want to come and show me how slow I am (still) going next week

Oh - and any lightweight ace crew need a ride - Im off swimming in a while - work off the pain - got to get better before Mounts Bay

14/12/2009 13:50:50
i'll be with you in the new year, provided Jamie finishes revarnishing my boat.

See you tommorrow? If so we can talk sails.

14/12/2009 17:18:05
Andy Dalby
See you there after xmas Mr Gurney. 


14/12/2009 20:48:17
the gurn
sounds good 3 already. Our esteemed chairman threatened to make up the numbers and I am hoping to get a coupleof extras from TSC - Nick and Ian an Suzie, where are you? - would be great to get a few more - let me know and I will do a bit of sorting on entries etc - no need to do anything except turn up early - first start is 10.30 and you have to pull up the ramp which takes a few extra mins - but launch straight into the race area.

16/12/2009 11:12:16
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