hooligan 2953

24/09/2009 23:07:49
does anyone have any history of this merlin?

25/09/2009 11:31:39
2953 was my first wide merlin called Oodlum or some thing like that.  It is a Rowsell built boat designed by Morrison for light weight crews.  It was a nice quick boat.  I sailed her mainly at Ragley Sailing Club and bought it from a guy up north.

25/09/2009 19:39:53
Roger Taylor
I bought it new from Rowsell Bros and fitted it out sailing it for a number years with my wife Debbie at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club and on then circuit. Originally named 'oodlum and sported small Pink Elephants on the hull. Finished second at Salcombe in 1976 in think

27/09/2009 21:03:04
Tony Lane
The 1982 year book records the next owner after Roger as B. Hotter, 19 Arthog Road, Hale Cheshire and Leigh SC.
In 1990 she was owned by J. Davies, as in the earlier posting and the 1992 year book shows the owner as P. Hollis also at Raglet SC.
By 1994 she was owned by E.Lison at the same club.
The 2002 year book shows the owner as Simon Purchon, Hill House, Barton Rd, Welford on Avon, Warwicks CV37 8HG.

28/09/2009 10:09:25
Paul Hollis
I had the boat off James and sailed at Ragley and also the S/tiller and midland circuit. we had about 19 stone boat was quick in most comditions.

30/09/2009 17:58:51
Not sure if it helps or not but.... I've a pic of the original Hooligan, as brand new, when it appeared at Hamble River.

Better still, I'll send it in and it can join the rogues gallery of pics on the website


01/10/2009 12:56:37
I still think you are being a bit naughty giving out names and addresses over the Internet

01/10/2009 20:45:14
Tony Lane
Mags. Do you think it is wrong to quote on the forum names and addresses from past year books?
If so I will stop doing it.

01/10/2009 21:25:28
Chris Martin
I'm hardly suprised since you're to paranoid to own up as to who you are.

02/10/2009 07:52:31
probably more appropriate to list name, town and club. it's a need to know thing, and member data should be reserved for members. this is a public forum with all the hazards associated. if someone wanted to contact a member of my club, as membership secretary i would not disclose personal details, but pass the contact on.

02/10/2009 09:28:26
Hi Tony, I think it best if you avoided full addresses. Just put the owners name and town.

Whoever is posting as "." is very rude. The same sentiment could be expressed more usefully and politely, regardless of whether they remain anonymous or not.

02/10/2009 10:20:28
Tony Lane
OK. Only owner's name and town in future.

02/10/2009 10:49:28
K. Mason
It would be helpful for the person making the enquiry to have declared their identity too. We might assume that everyone on the forum is a member but that sadly isn't the case. Using a name and or sail number can at least be verified in the yearbook, although some contributors are very well known under their forum names!
I think Tony makes a really usefull contribution to the enjoyment of ownership and restoration by supplying contact details, and perhaps might continue to do so by off forum e mails if those making the enquiry declare their identity and are members. The details are after all published within the club and so long as they only go to members I personally can't see the harm.
Non members might be persuaded to join to delve into the library of older yearbooks Tony has at his fingertips.
That's my tuppence worth!

02/10/2009 11:04:35
I think Tony ought to start charging for his services!

02/10/2009 12:38:35
Personally, I would have thought the owners name and CLUB is more useful than the town.
Once you know the club, you can look-up the results (assuming they have them on-line) and get a good indication of whether the boat has been sailed recently, or just left languishing in the weeds at the back of a dinghy park.

Certainly when I am looking for a boat's history and pedigree, I find the club websites can be a very useful source of information (along with the results archives on here! Its a pity they don't go further back).

02/10/2009 13:06:22
Tony Lane
Mags. Which is to be Town, Club or both please?

02/10/2009 14:00:23
I would say town and club are both fine. The things people might object to are the first line of the address, and the postcode.

02/10/2009 14:35:23
Andrew M
In light of present discussion should I shred my old phone directories instead of sending them for recycling?  I don't think identity fraud is an issue really, more unsolicited correspondence & the odd letter about a Merlin I used to own wouldn't upset me personally

02/10/2009 16:07:16
Tony,  I wouldn't be too worried about the paranoid 'dot'.

The two addresses you published are completely visible on the www for other reasons than being previous Merlin owners. Valarie Hotter of the said address has been raising money for charity by publishing a book about Sarah Hotter, who sadly died of a brain tumor.
And it would seem the Purchons run a bed and breakfast. http://www.hillhousewelford.co.uk/

Both probably pleased with the extra publicity, for different reasons.

03/10/2009 11:03:27
It is not a matter of being paranoid but the Data Protection Act and liability should any harm be done by publication of the addresses.
Which is why in this instance I remain .!

04/10/2009 16:03:26
Dear ., sounds like you have only a scant understanding of the DPA (maybe that is why you are annoymous), there are some issue regarding the DPA and I am sure that the committee consider this from time to time.

04/10/2009 18:01:41
Clear enough
It is clear enough, if in doubt do not.

05/10/2009 08:04:54
Clear that a business or an organisation is obligated by the DPA.

What of course isn't clear is the obligations of the ISP or the organisation (in this case the MROA who own teh web site) in an unrestricted, non-member, free public forum, when an individual (Tony) make a posting, other rights of individuals come into play too. It is complicated, there is no guidance from the Information Commisioners nor tested in a court of law.

As an individual, I am certain that the DPA does not apply to me.

05/10/2009 08:10:17
p.s. I suggest we stop this pointless conversation, but for people who are really interested in the the facts, rather than half baked ideas and random legal websites, the right place to go is the Information Commmissioners.

Bye for now.



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