What is this gibberish?

21/09/2009 13:38:17
Concerned Member
What is the gibberish on the post about Burning Lather? I'm not talking about John's perfectly sensible posts but the one with what appears to be HTML code fragments or some such bizarre language. It is not the first time I have seen such things on the forum. How do they get there? What do they do? Why do they appear on my computer as though they have already been read and are they doing any harm by leaving something nasty on my computer? Boffins please?

21/09/2009 14:13:45
Garry R
As I understand it, it is another attack of spam.  Mags knows about it and takes steps to remove it.  I wouldn't open any link just in case.  I am sure Mags can explain further.

21/09/2009 20:49:13
It's not even a human, it's a program that automatically targets random websites, annoying people all around the world.

I just delete any if I see it.

16/12/2009 11:19:44
The spammers seem to be attaching the 'Winter Racing' topic daily. I will be trying various simple ways of deterring them, before I am forced to make a larger change.

Just make sure your 'sensible' posts appear correctly. If you see the words "not allowed" the forum doesn't like your name.


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