What size Blocks

18/08/2009 10:11:33
I am replacing the blocks for the main sheet can any one tell me what ize they should be? i.e 40mm, 50mm, 55mm

18/08/2009 12:08:04
Assuming a standard mainsheet of 6 or 7mm, you are looking at something like the Harken 29mm tie-ons or the 30mm Holts - I think both will take up to 8mm.

18/08/2009 12:32:36
Main sheet
Whats is the rope i have seen people using for main sheets recently is it this stuff?

18/08/2009 14:48:11
Andrew M
I have this (tapered) on my jib sheets but on the main I still have old fashioned plaited pre-stretched 8mm, IMHO you don't need anything hi-tech, the load on the string is never going to be much more than you can pull even if it is in the cleat and it isn't slippery to grip.

18/08/2009 14:49:26
Andrew M
PS blocks are Harken 29mm.  Pay more for the blocks and less for the string I say.

28/08/2009 08:45:38
Chris M
I've heard good things about that stuff, but not £3.85pm worth of good things!! 

I think i'll stick with Marlowbraid, or whatever it's called now.

28/08/2009 09:36:37
Andy Hay
We have been using 7mm Marston with blocks for 8mm (Harken 29mm Ti-Lite or Holt 30mm - or the old 27mm white sheave ones) on both main and jib sheets. This stuff does not take up any water when wet but does go a little bit furry and square in the cleat areas. The small amount of stretch that this line has is actually a good thing on the jib sheet as it gives a little in the gusts. Two hard seasons on and its still OK.


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