Merlin 2349 - Free to good home

17/08/2009 13:25:04
Reluctantly, having had no potential purchasers I am offering 2349 free to a good home, basically because I would far rather she went on to an enthusiastic owner than just bung her on e-bay. She is sound, but will only deteriorate unsailed and I haven't been able to give her the time I planned.
She is a 1970 Superstition built by C E Heath and would make an ideal boat for the Thames - she was built at Hampton. All basic controls are there - needs the pintles adjusted to take the rudder but otherwise immediately sailable and a "project" only in the sense that with a bit of care and tweaking she could become a very impressive vintage boat.
Currently at Chipstead SC off M25/J5. Has a trolley, but no trailer. If anyone at a Thames Club knows anyone looking for a river boat, please let them know.

17/08/2009 21:33:15
John Haynes
Hello Giles,
Interested in your merlin for vintage racing. Do you have any photos of the hull, decks. Although I'm happy to repaint and varnish I do not want a project that needs re-decking or hull, center board case work. I do appreciate it is free, but do not want to waste your time.
Regards John.
[email protected]

18/08/2009 20:12:19
Thank you to all who responded. To those who have been unsuccessful, I had to deal with this on a "first come..........." basis.

I'm delighted to say that 2349 is now in the custody of Hywel Perkins and family and returning to Hampton where she was built.

Long may she continue to grace the river there.

19/08/2009 00:30:36
Just to say a huge thankyou to Giles.

2349 will be heading down to Hampton tomorrow evening and hopefully racing on Sunday. My brother Tom (who is taking the boat on) is overjoyed with his new project.

Thanks again,


21/08/2009 13:33:06
Mike Liggett
Hywel - I guess that the builder was Peter Heath.  Great to hear that she will be gracing the Hampton reach again and a tribute to Peter.


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