Mast & Boom Black/White Band measurements

10/08/2009 19:20:19
Can anyone tell me what the mast/boom band measurements are, what thickness they should be and whether they need to be painted or tape.

10/08/2009 20:59:27
Andy Hay - Enchantment 3386
The band positions are defined on your measurement certificate, the lower band is always the fun one to get right. Class Rule 7 (c) requires the bands to be 10mm wide (minimum) and easily discernible whilst racing. So if you have black spars, white bands or vice versa. The Rule also states that the bands are painted.

11/08/2009 12:37:20
Is it the sheerline definition that causes problems? This image will help if so.
11/08/2009 15:58:38
so in laymans terms
7.c.i is straight forward, presumabley measured from lower band
7.c.ii is also logical (along with MAGS input - thanks)
7.c.iii Boom band actually doesn't have a measurement, so how is this measured, and what is the normal (Winder/Chipstow) measurement for this?

11/08/2009 16:59:55
Andrew M
Stick your boom on the gooseneck and measure from the aft edge of the mainsail track (extended if neccessary) to the boom band.


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