Elastic take up system for control lines..and elastic guides for spinnaker poles?

10/08/2009 18:14:18

2 questions really..
one is how to route the ends of the control lines running off the thwart..I have 6 each side..and the tails need tidying up. The thwart is on a Chipstow CT..and quite low of the side deck..where the tails need to "disappear" into. I've searched the photos on the site, and nothing about how to do this, no doubt it will involve plastic rings, and pulleys..and lots of hours peering under the side deck

Other thing is that I have the twin elastic guides my twin carbon poles run up and down on,beside the boom..I want to replace/upgrade? the elastic runners with thin spectra and part elastic (one line spliced together)..so that the pole sag less at the aft end (the boom end) whilst "stowed"..and clonk my head. Has this been tired before..and rejected for the standard all elastic set up?.



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