06/08/2009 23:47:37
Hi all,

I am nearing the end of my Merlin rebuild/restoration, its a 73 phantom kipper by Aln boat yard, sail no.2720. Its taken a lot longer than expected, partly due to work, life etc, but also due to it being a bit of a mess! I need an old rules spiniker and poles and is there a definitive guide to rigging, or is it just personal choice re thwart layout etc? Im based in Watford, herts. Is there anywhere local that is Merlin friendly? I could also do with a refresher,as I have had just a few years off the water!

Many thanks, Frank.

07/08/2009 07:53:52
Could always try the Welsh Harp for sailing/merlins

07/08/2009 11:11:57
Hi Frank - I've got a phantom kipper (on the for sale list at the moment)which has been re rigged in the last 18 months. You are welcome to come and see it at Banbury SC, but if there are specific photos you need, I could send them to you.

There are some excellent images on the web site here which I followed for the spin rigging, snodger etc. and many others too. Start with the link below.

Mail me if I can be of help,
07/08/2009 11:21:17
frank i live in watford, email membership secretary ( thats my owner) and lets fix up a rigging session

09/08/2009 17:22:03
I have an old but usable old rules kite that you would be more than welcome to have for the price of postage, or for free if you pick it up. I am in Tewkesbury-Glos. I have had much help from the class in general, so you are more than welcome to have the kite.

10/08/2009 22:42:55
Thanks for the replies guys.

KM2825,I would love to have a look at another Phantom Kipper even without the need for input. When do you normally sail, and where from?

Jon, I would love the kite, thankyou. It may be a while before it flies, but give me time! email is [email protected]

Megan, I have emailed. Thanks to all of you for the help.



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