Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week 2009

29/07/2009 23:09:13
Photos of this years Salcombe Merlin Rocket week are available on
09/08/2009 13:55:42
Does anyone know who has the white spinnaker with a pink heart?  It just looks great...
09/08/2009 20:32:56
That's Hywel Perkins Jnr's boat 3647 'Liquid Dreams' (I think) being sailed by Sam Brearley and Charles Anderson. Funny how I never noticed it down there!

10/08/2009 00:06:00
No its not Its Charles Anderson and Helm?? Wish was still there????????????????

10/08/2009 14:52:12
Andrew M
Indeed it is Sam Brearley.  Hywel's boat and Sam romantically attached to Sadie Anderson, hence the fee for borrowing the boat (the spinny) had design chosen by Kevin.


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