is it pronounced Win-der or Wine-der...

27/07/2009 14:33:07
So as with a budget of 3-4k we end up spending 5k on 3581 Prologue.

We haven't sailed her yet but so far we're very pleased. Lots of string to play with and no chance of being missed by the rescue boat when we park her upside down the first time.

Jon (who is a thoroughly nice bloke... or is that just because he had something to sell) also did a good job of selling the class to us, apparently your a very friendly bunch of people so once we think we are getting the hang of it we'll come along to a few opens so you can prove to us that we aren't.

Ian and Hannah

27/07/2009 14:45:39

27/07/2009 16:13:18
As in the WIND that blows, not the act of WINDing up.

27/07/2009 16:53:48
and it does wind them up...

27/07/2009 18:17:18
Jon. S
Ian. Its true and you're quite right I am a thoroughly nice bloke. Especially when I've got something to sell. You will enjoy the class and the hot competition. We've been at it a couple of years now and its been simply the best time. Enjoy.
PS I'll bring the undercover to Whitstable. Sorry about that..And also sorry to Miles who narrowly missed out on owning Prologue. I'm sure he will find an equally good boat to start off in soon.
PPS(Don't forget the lightboard).

27/07/2009 19:14:57
Well done Ian, Bargain.

Nice boat, I am sure will enjoy her.

27/07/2009 21:09:13
There are two of us?

27/07/2009 21:09:54
oops grammar

Are there two of us?

28/07/2009 21:32:34
Jon. S
Yes. Possibly two Miles, sounds like a good beat.
The Miles I spoke to comes from Wales and is an ex fireball helm.
Probably knows what he is doing. Don't know about you though.

28/07/2009 22:32:49
Miles 3646
Two of us from Wales, mind you I'm not too keen on Fireballs.

29/07/2009 15:45:12
well done ian and hanna i'll see you on the water sunday, hopefully.


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