Y&Y features merlins again

14/06/2007 09:51:22
Page 78 covers the Glyn Charles pursuit race, and most of the text is from Willie Warrens report. And is that the photogenic Ellie I see enjoying herself in the main photo?

14/06/2007 20:10:26
Still think the Easy Rider photo is the best one though!! Good report and coverage of the Merlins.
Did you enjoy the B14 write up. Daggerboards at Chichester a no no at mid tide.
Anyway bye for now and see you soon.

18/06/2007 13:27:14
I dont like it! Why do they always choose the bad photos!!! and why me!

18/06/2007 17:27:09
There were lots of photos taken that day, but that one was one of the few with someone smiling, instead of grimacing!!

28/06/2007 23:20:20
Latest issue has an interview with Phil King in - cunning work there Rachel!

29/06/2007 09:11:37
mad jack
Thoroughly deserved and long overdue recognition for one of the countrys best dinghy sailors over the last 25 years plus. Top fella. Nice work Rach!

29/06/2007 09:18:47
The leading 470 on the cover this month is helmed by one of the HLSC super youth, Jonny McGovern.

29/06/2007 12:08:54
How did they get it so clean for that photo - its gleaming!
Must have taken them hours.....editing the photo on the computer.

29/06/2007 18:25:12
Thanks for the article on Phil King. Good stuff.

07/02/2008 11:27:51
Feb 8 issue out tomorrow, and you will see Merlins on the inside back page - a classic shot you may have seen before.

Spot me on p79 too, if you want a laugh....

07/02/2008 14:25:48
HI all, thanks for the recognitions of the Phil King Article I wrote last year, this time I'm focussing on another Merlin Rocket Legend - Alan Warren. Long overdue recognition I feel.
Anyway, with Alan out the country I am piecing the workings together without him and would greatly appreciate any memorable or interesting stories from any of you who know Alan and have sailed against him over his long history with the class... Please contact me via email or call the sail loft.

07/02/2008 16:35:53
Starboard tacker
You could always take a straw poll on the forum about who has had to take avoiding action on a port-biased line or a windward mark, not wishing to cast nasturtiums

07/02/2008 16:59:01
Ask him about his boat burning exploits !

07/02/2008 17:16:00
parking boat under eifel tower and leaving for 3 days as seemed a 'convenient place to leave it'

07/02/2008 18:01:31
Ask him about his church burning exploits...

08/02/2008 08:18:31
Thanks to everyone who's emailed... its great to have some stories to chat to Alan about when he's next in the country.

08/02/2008 10:47:38
E Taylor.
"wife of two fanatical sailors"....YandY 8th Feb.
Has polyandry hit the UK?

08/02/2008 14:14:15
I once heard a good one about a sea burial in the 60's that went a bit wrong.

08/02/2008 14:34:52
Ah Yes! Jeckyll mainsails.

08/02/2008 15:11:39
Ancient Geek
It's in the Library of this site.

08/02/2008 15:35:33
Andrew M
There was a story in one of the Merlin mags about having to take a crowbar to the hearse to remove the body of an alderman after a minor shunt on the way to the crematorium

08/02/2008 15:55:01
How about asking Mr Dunning for a few anecdotes?

08/02/2008 17:42:52
Thanks, I'm waiting to hear back from Barry - I'm pretty sure he's cooking up something special for me! ;-)

12/02/2008 14:27:42
I've had to edit this from Jacko....hope it makes sense.

20/03/2008 22:35:34
Merlin Rockets feature in the Y&Y magazine yet again!

Of all the "Top 50 regattas to do before you die", what do you think came first? DAMN RIGHT IT DID! See page 41.

Also a MR pic on p8, p26, p64, p75......

15/04/2008 12:09:01
Calling Peter Thompson of 3114....I believe you may have good reason to purchase a copy of Y&Y on Friday when it hits the shelves!!!!!!

17/04/2008 16:25:50
So, when was the 'photo of 3114 taken Mags? (Very good by the way)

17/04/2008 16:58:55
Salcombe Yacht Club Regatta 2008 is 10th-15th August, not 5th-10th as YandY 18/4.

17/04/2008 18:22:05
The photo might have been from 2005? I wasn't involved in the choice!

Interview with Alan Warren inside, some classic stories which kept me laughing out loud. Wifey kept asking, "does this count as work?"

18/04/2008 15:29:50
Tom Gruitt
Yes the photo was from a few years a go. Apologies about the Salcombe YC regatta date.

23/08/2008 22:14:01
This issue (out yesterday) has the Salcombe report in.

12/11/2008 11:59:03
The 'Racing Classes Guide' supplement is free with Y&Y tomorrow (Thursday 13th Nov) and Andy Dalby has managed to sneak in again - see p31 where the General Lee leaps off a Shoreham wave.

Roger Gilbert has been asked for a few words of wisdom on windy weather racing, p17. He sneaks a Merlin photo later on p28 where it mentions he is moving to I14s.

12/11/2008 12:19:21
Oooh Lovely Jubley!

12/11/2008 19:00:29
Ancient Geek
Got an early copy at the airport this morning, the new format of Y&Y really is very good, more readable and a lot less repetative.

10/03/2011 12:49:29
Page 65 of the issue on sale today shows Dan and Jennie hiking hard, full of concentration!

10/03/2011 15:19:27
"104 years since the last Olympics in UK waters to be precise".

10/03/2011 17:27:19
Another typo?
Let's be charitable and call it a typo, though it will be 104 years from 1908 I am pretty sure nay certain since 1948 - (That is 74 years!)- when London hosted the Olympics and Torquay the Olympic sailing, when a 18 year old Paul Elvestrom won the first his four Gold Medals, and our (UK's) own Stewart Morris his Gold Medal in the Swallow Class.
Who writes this stuff.

10/03/2011 17:56:28
It was anonymous. Perhaps the editor?

10/03/2011 18:38:24
PS. I think it is 64 years (precisely)to 2012 that is.


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