Merlin footage from 1992

14/11/2005 15:51:55
Tom Gruitt go here then look down towards the bottom for some cool merlin footage!

14/11/2005 16:18:40
Cool, that's my boat in there!!!!!!

14/11/2005 18:25:27
John Murrell

I think we need to get you back on the water - you must have too much time on your hands!!

14/11/2005 20:52:08
Russ Hopkins
And my boat ! 3374 I wish i could go that fast !!

15/11/2005 23:11:15
Funny how the helms change but the boats stay the same.  We were thrashing it out with Whyte Mischief a couple of weeks ago at Blithfield.

I hope we can get more of this kind of this stuff!

17/11/2005 09:48:59
Midland Circuit Chap
Pretty good stuff.
Where are some of these leading helms now?

17/11/2005 10:08:42
Well one of them just won the champs again......

17/11/2005 10:09:58
BTW it's from  1990 not 1992, COTLB won the champs that year and was sold (reference commentary) and PK had sold the white whale by 1992

17/11/2005 15:46:40
Tom Gruitt
Apologies for getting the date wrong! It said 1992 on the website!

17/11/2005 19:48:32
John Bell
Fantastic sailing footage Whyte Mischief was and still is a brilliant boat very very fast off wind.
Of the first three boats I think at least 4 people maybe 5 were at the champs this year.
Also in view Mike Calvert, The Gurn (now in a RS 400 but at the champs) and Alan Warren.
Yes the year was wrong

17/11/2005 22:01:40
What was Mike Calvert sailing

18/11/2005 07:14:13
3317 shared affair.

18/11/2005 08:32:33
the gurn
only the first 10 seconds worth looking at "there goes the leader" 
guess who?
18/11/2005 14:17:43
Its Friday, the office is dull. Search google video for sailing....
18/11/2005 14:26:54
Or try IFILM, if you can bear to keep skipping the adverts.
What speeds do wakeboards need anyway? I'm sure people have towed from a dinghy before...
30/07/2009 19:39:34
hi, did any of you download the video footage/have it still? as i now own 3317!

30/07/2009 21:35:27
And the same rig on the Gurns boat achieved 3rd in the windy race at Poole in I believe 96. Great day's sailing beating COLB and Gangster over the water. Should have seen Dick Batt's Face when we arrived ashore with one of his old style rigs having just beaten Nick/Graham with his latest kit. Just recovering from an 18 month back injury and that race is what got me to build Moondance Assassin. Think the teams work the boats harder these days!!!

31/07/2009 09:53:23
Petere, try here, it might be available.
31/07/2009 10:13:31
Chris Whitehouse
Or here?
31/07/2009 10:35:35
thanks, awesome video! does anyone have any other pictures or videos of 3317 shared affair? i know that 3317 was owned by Mike Calvert and won the 1990 inland championships does anyone have any pictures or videos of that?

31/07/2009 13:11:16
That's a pretty quick spinnaker hoist 25 seconds into the Youtube video!

01/08/2009 21:21:16
Chris M
smaller kites and shorter poles??

02/08/2009 01:47:04
Jeez I miss my old boat.

02/08/2009 08:38:55
the gurn
sadly the first 10 seconds of this video have dissapeared

- but I have a video of the inlands at Leigh in 1984 - havn't looked at it for years but my notes give the positions on the tape of "JT finishing practice race" Chis "Howarths mast collapses" "CH being towed in" - I recollect it has about 2 hours on it! For some amazing reason in first race on the Sunday with Adam Goodchild in the front we led for a while - which considering my usual form, and the fact that we had overdone it the night before was doubably amazing!

Also I have passed a video of the 1986 40th Year celbrations at UTSC where I had the great pleasure of introducing from the balcony, in reverse order all of the surviving ex champions and crew finally presenting "winners in 46 and 47 49 and runners up etc..." "Jack Holt and Beecher Moore" Hope you have still got it Pat!

02/08/2009 08:40:37
the gurn
that should say "passed to Pat Blake" otherwise a very uncomfortable business


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