Topic : Bolton & Blackpool & Fleetwood?

Any results yet?

Posted: 09/06/2008 16:43:54
By: .
Nothing was sent to me or to Y&Y (unless the spam filters have eaten it). Please resend if you can, and let us know below.

Posted: 09/06/2008 20:08:26
By: Mags
Great Weekend - oop north!
Dave W and Pippa won both days in the end - both on tie breaks.
Very good racing with Biggsy, Taxi, and Tricky all in the hunt most of the time and quite a few of the rest of us mixing it too.
Lovely breeze and sun both days and jolly good time had by all.
Terrific enthusiasm at B'pool and Fleetwood but not many northern travellers!!
Who is writing the official reports?

Posted: 09/06/2008 23:02:51
By: Pat Blake
I couldn't really see much from the rear! 
However I have just got hold of a full disc of very good quality images of the Fleetwood sea event which I am trying to publish on the BandFYC site.
Mags, can I send a copy to you to do whatever you wish with them?

Posted: 10/06/2008 08:03:24
By: Kev Berry
Really wanted to go to both events but events conspired against us this time despite putting both in the diary. I really hope the Blackpool & Fleetwood event is on next year ! ! !

Posted: 10/06/2008 16:34:51
By: jeremy 3658
There are some great shots of Bolton too

Posted: 10/06/2008 16:40:09
By: Pat Blake
Any results yet ? - P&B have a press release out already saying their sails won both events !

Posted: 12/06/2008 08:24:18
By: .
B&F report on Y&Y

Posted: 12/06/2008 09:49:20
By: Rob 2601


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