Topic : Rutland Water Silver Tiller

Some good pics and results here!
We are still recovering - updated ST results soon.

Posted: 23/05/2005 12:29:33
By: Pat Blake
What a fantastic weekend.

Thanks to all the Merlineers who made us feel very welcome at our first open meeting, provided lots of advice and encouragement and utterly annihilated us on the racecourse....

Still so much to learn :)

Posted: 23/05/2005 13:20:06
By: Jon3389
Jon, what is the next open you are going to?

Posted: 23/05/2005 17:15:59
By: Alan
Don't know Alan, retired yesterday due to kicker breaking out of the bottom of the king post.  If I get out of work tonight I'll go and take a look but I'm hoping I can sort it out this week.  That was one hell of a beat back down the pond with no kicker I can tell you.
We fancy getting out on the sea but we found Rutland was very challenging so maybe Weymouth and almost certainly Shoreham sea training.

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:09:41
By: Jon
Bourne end the river champs, weymouth and haylingd island, are all coming up, they should be good practise for you.

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:15:32
By: Useful
Nice photos, just one note which would be just as easy if I found the rules, when did we stop having to have sail numbers on spinakers? Please bear in mind I've been dorment dinghy wise from the mid 90's to a year or so back!  Barry.

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:47:48
By: Barry Watkin
From what i remember the change in the size rule coincided with the requirement for number being removed.

More because there is a very active market for secondhand spinnakers than for any technical reason, and there were quite a few boats with identical spinnaker numbers due to inked on numbers being all the rage.

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:55:06
By: Chris

Don't forget Whitstable! 2 day meeting 24/25 June. Ideal sea practice with racing close to the beach and easy launching etc. I can guarantee the evening social will be livelier than Rutland

If you need any more info give me a ring 07973 149037. Hope to see you there. You will be very welcome.

John Cooper

Posted: 23/05/2005 21:17:04
By: JC
Good news folks - Boat not terminal and the crew/accountant has given a green light for Weymouth!

Found out tonight what caused all the screaming and shouting on Sunday too. If anybody knows the part number / manufacturer please let me know.

Sorry John, can't make Whitstable as we're on hols during late June, hope to see you at Weymouth.

Posted: 23/05/2005 22:36:08
By: Jon3389
Both the new measurement procedures and the removal of the requirement for sail numbers on spinnakers were agreed at the 2002 AGM if memory serves, Barry.  Jon, your part is a SuperSpar boom inboard end fitting 43-ISP-27 from the Speed Sails catalogue but with 3 holes drilled in it that have contributed to it's demise


Posted: 23/05/2005 22:59:51
By: Andrew M
Maybe this

Posted: 23/05/2005 23:14:11
By: Alan
Cheers both, that was very easy indeed!

Posted: 23/05/2005 23:37:19
By: Jon3389
Andrew,Jon thanks for that, I just didn,t pick up on that part of the rule but It'll certainly save me getting the pen to this years kite!  Cheers Barry.

Posted: 24/05/2005 09:41:13
By: Barry Watkin
Grrrr, ssailboats haven't got one, P&B tell me that superspars "have never done a square spigot" - "yes they have - I've got one !!!!!!"

Time for google!!!!

Posted: 24/05/2005 12:59:44
By: Jon
Looks as though one of the three holes in it has saved it from total destruction by stopping the crack.

Posted: 24/05/2005 13:25:17
By: Dave
Stop press - in the interests of fairness P&B were correct about the fact that they don't make them but the nice chaps at Superspars have said they've got one that P&B can sell me.

Posted: 24/05/2005 13:28:23
By: Jon
I guess you have ordered it by now, Otherwise I may go down the garden tonight and pull one off an old boom and post it up on e-bay! Let me know.

Posted: 24/05/2005 14:48:50
By: Alan

Please email me ASAP !!!!!!


Posted: 24/05/2005 15:20:53
By: Jon3389


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