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Hello ALL!
I am the chap who listed his ‘collection’ of ten Merlin Rockets over on eBay and had the pleasure of discussing them with Dougal of Pure Magic. I am sure he’s updated the various groups and interested parties but here’s a rundown of the dinghies’ numbers:
1140, 1609, 2717, 2906, 3151, 3177, 3277, 3297, 3377 and one other. 
Please feel free to contact me:
[email protected]

Posted: 24/02/2021 16:25:50
Hi Lance,
Since we have direct contact through here hopefully you'll see this. Since no-one else is going to I'm going to ask the questions asked on Facebook in the hope of getting direct answers.
Before I do that I think its important that you understand that - from what I can see - you have 1140 in good order stored inside, one other (un-photographed) boat stored inside, two basket cases at least one of which has been stripped of fittings and six other boats in poor to desperate condition clearly left outside for many years.
This may be a harsh assessment but in the absence of information to the contrary none of the 8 stored outside have any "value" as an intact Merlin Rocket unfortunately. Even the "iconic" boat in the collection is in truth barely worth saving, many boats as iconic and more successful have met their maker one of which did so in better condition. All of the boats stored outside need several thousands pounds spending on them, or the equivalent in man hours, and then - for all we know - the same in replacement fittings and ropes. They are best described as "free to good home" and sell on the trolley/trailer if they owe anything.
So - if you've made it this far - the questions.
Where did these boats come from? How did you acquire them? This is a very unusual thing to happen. It does take all sorts but I think any potential purchaser would like to be sure that they wont get an irate phone call from a previous owner asking why their boat is not where they left it however long ago that might have been. I'm not saying that this is the case here, but it happens.
What do they come with? Sails/spars/fittings/covers/trailers?
What are your intentions for the collection? 
If we get the answers to those questions I think you might stand a chance of moving most of them on to new homes, provided you are realistic in what you ask. If the current "standoff" carries on with any info coming from an intermediary then we will have 8 more boats on the destroyed list because no-one has enough information to make a judgement, and the whole situation is so unusual - one that many people wont want to involve themselves in.
I'm sorry if this all seems harsh, blunt or even rude, but frankly the way chosen isn't the way to proceed with this. A chap in Norfolk tried it with a load of old (and some very iconic) 14s they all went to China, and no-one knows what became of them.
I wish you luck in moving these on, and hope that they find good homes

Posted: 28/02/2021 09:12:13
By: Chris Martin


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