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We have decided to go ahead with the Spring issue as usual - it should be with you within the next week.
Obviously most of it was written and compiled before the current situation became so serious, but there is a lot of stuff in there to keep us looking forward to that time when we will go sailing again - hopefully in the not too distant future.
Maybe when you have seen it we could get some discussions going on this forum about thoughts and ideas that it inspires?
Unfortunately the Year Book, which should have been in the package, is delayed because the ring binding process isn't working during this lock down period. That's a pity because Tim Harridge has done all the work on it, but we hope to get it out soon. 

Posted: 31/03/2020 15:15:17
Great News Pat cant wait.

Posted: 31/03/2020 16:13:25
By: Gareth Griffiths NHRC
I've never been more excited about the arrival of the magazine.  I'm going to read it cover to cover to cover to cover.  

Posted: 31/03/2020 16:48:04
By: Pip
I hate to disappoint you Pip  - but it only has two covers

Posted: 31/03/2020 18:27:11
By: Pat Blake
The Magazine is in the post - should be out for Easter!

Posted: 09/04/2020 11:51:22
By: Pat Blake
Brilliant magazine again, Pat! Thank you! 
A lovely thing to lose yourself in over Easter. 

Posted: 11/04/2020 15:45:11
By: Pip
Thanks Pip, glad you are reading it.
We have decided not to charge our advertisers for this issue.
We value their support and recognise that many will be going through some tough times at the moment.
So, thank you for supporting our class - this issue is on us. 

Posted: 11/04/2020 17:40:58
By: Pat Blake
Morning Pat and team. Thanks for the effort in getting the magazine out. Much appreciated. Read from cover to cover yesterday. Keep safe and well and see all soon on the water.

Posted: 13/04/2020 08:15:04
By: Barnsie
Well done to all the volunteers still working hard to keep our class going!

Posted: 13/04/2020 14:50:34
By: Ben 3767
Got the mag. Brilliant. Congrats to all the contributors. In particular; Pat, thank you for the encouragement on P 7. Alex, ok, so how do I get back up off the floor? (P 36) 😊😊

Posted: 14/04/2020 12:35:50
By: Ian Mackenzie
Thanks Pat, Martin, Ian et al for another great magazine.  Just to remind us what we are missing.  Let's hope we do get something of a sailing season in these unprecedented times.

Posted: 14/04/2020 21:12:15
By: Andrew Mills
Brilliant mag. Well done Pat and the team. Cheered me up no end - many thanks

Posted: 14/04/2020 23:07:37
By: John Cooper
Here, here. Thank you team.

Posted: 15/04/2020 16:38:16
By: Ben Jones
Thank you for a brilliant magazine as always. I'm always amazed at how you consistently maintain such a high standard, but you do!

Posted: 15/04/2020 23:23:37
By: Derik Palmer


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