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"Hi I have just been sent the following letter and dont like the underhand way that this is presented, when I believe the boat in question and builder have complied with the rules, and that is why it has a certificate and measures\r\n\r\n\r\nLadies and gentlemen,\r\n \r\nYou were all present at the CRSC meeting held in January last year. The minutes of that meeting are attached for your information.\r\n \r\n15 months have passed and it appears that what was agreed unanimously at the meeting has not been adhered to. A vintage boat has been scrapped and a new vessel built in its place, taking over the old sail number and certificate details (we were told this at the meeting). This boat was successful and won some significant vintage events on the Thames last year. It even won the prize for boats over 30 years old.  I have been talking to the MROA committee about this for more than 18 months: the Cookham meeting was one of the consequences of that, and all appeared to have been sorted at that meeting, but this is not the case. \r\n \r\nUntil the Yearbook was published last month the MROA Committee was apparently unaware that the boat had been sailed in 2013 under its ‚??old‚?? sail number and won important events, even though at least one committee member sailed in one of those events. The builder, I am told, maintains that he has broken no class rule. The MROA Committee are unsure whether he has or not transgressed any rule (in spite of Dave Chivers‚?? interpretation of our rules, which is in the minutes and was unanimously agreed by the meeting) and also wonder how they can demonstrate that the boat is indeed to a different design to the original ‚?? do plans exist against which the lines can be verified?  In short, nothing has been done about it. The RYA has not been consulted; the MROA is not in possession of a copy of the current certificate and measurement form (however, I am told that the current certificate shows the design as blank).\r\n \r\nNow some or all of this is hearsay, but what is your reaction to this? Should it be possible for someone to take an old boat, scrap it, build a new boat to a completely different design and then sail it as if it were a vintage boat? Maybe that‚??s OK with you. If it‚??s not, what rules should be put in place to prevent it? That‚??s not as easy as it may sound, given the problem of design verification outlined above. please air your opinions and ideas.\r\n \r\nYours sincerely\r\n \r\nKeith Callaghan,"

Posted: 15/04/2014 08:37:33
By: Martin Hunter


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