Topic : Super Spar for Sale

Super Spar black carbon mast for sale.
Has fixed carbon spreaders and Ali track.
Fully rigged with halyards, shrouds and pole uphauls, ready to sail.

Has been broken once at the gooseneck area, but this was before I owned it, so don't know much about the details, apart from the repair is good as new.

Photos in the link below.

Poole, Parkstone. £650.00.

07786 234636

Posted: 20/09/2013 16:59:04
By: Dave Bursey
That's the trouble with stickers; either they wash off halfway through the week, or they stick like s**t to a blanket and need the nuclear option to remove them.  I haven't had the joy of trying to get them off a painted surface, but removing them from a plastic FD hull was less than joyful.  I ended up 'shaving' them off in strips with a Stanley blade...

I can quite see where Andy's coming from, and the point about clinker or pseudo-clinker hulls is a valid one. Surely the obvious answer is to restrict sponsorship stickers to sails if they want big ones - or produce them in a size and shape that will fit onto a boom?

Posted: 21/09/2013 17:24:17
By: Derik Palmer
Really puzzled as to why a reply to the 'Stickers' thread ended up here?

Posted: 21/09/2013 17:27:55
By: Derik Palmer


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